MODULE 1.     The Elite Realtors Listing Presentation                                                   (The Best in the Industry)


MODULE 2.     How to List & Sell F.S.B.O’s & Expired Listings


MODULE 3.     How to get Listing Appointments (Successful

                       Prospecting Techniques)


MODULE 4.     How to present a Market Analysis to obtain a

                       Sellable Listing


MODULE 5.     Working with Buyers – Maximizing your Time &



MODULE 6.     Short Sales & Foreclosures (Buyer & Seller


                       Working with Investors


These on-going sessions are designed to be helpful for both newer and more experienced Realtors.  We are going to encourage discussion, new ideas and successful sales and marketing techniques.   We can learn from, and motivate each other.

The “Street Smart Training Program” is intended to be hands on, practical and relevant to today’s market.  We are now combining the best listing tools with the best communications techniques to provide our Realtors with the highest level of success.