Reasons Realtors are joining Elite:

1.     ALL Internet leads go DIRECTLY to the Listing Realtor.

2.     ALL sign calls or questions about a listing go DIRECTLY to the Listing Realtor.

3.     We allow our Listing Agents autonomy, so they can work with homeowners on terms that are beneficial to all parties.

4.     Our listings at Elite automatically get posted on over 100 of the most active Internet sites, including Showcase Listing Status on Realtor.com.

5.     Our Listing Agents receive 90% commission splits on every listing sold from day one, with No Fees of any kind.

6.     We offer the best listing presentation in the Industry, and combined with our “Street Smart Training and Motivational Program,” our agents have the tools, knowledge and motivation to consistently obtain competitive listings.

7.     Currently, we are members of 6-MLS systems as well as having HUD access.  These MLS systems include GSMLS, NJMLS, Hudson MLS, Central Jersey, Monmouth/Ocean MLS and Bright MLS.

8.     We believe the reason you obtain a listing is because of YOU, your hard work, your contacts, your skills.  Therefore, if you ever decide to leave our company (which has never happened), active listings with owner’s permission can remain with you.

9.     Elite Realtors is a Realtor focused company, as opposed to corporate focused.

10.  Elite Realtors is a strong and profitable family owned company that can make timely decisions to best serve the needs of our Realtors and adapt to an ever changing marketplace.

With over 200 Realtors now at Elite Realtors and Elite Referrals of New Jersey, we have become one of the fastest growing agencies in the region.

If you are interested in finding out more about how we can work together, please call us.

We would be happy to have a confidential discussion with you to explore your opportunities here at Elite Realtors.